LHHNY’s Cyn Santana Reacts to Erica Mena’s Alleged Troll Account: ‘I Don’t Want No Parts of Anything That Is Weird’

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Earlier this week, “Love & Hip Hop: New York” star Erica Mena was accused of being the persona behind an Instagram account she allegedly used to troll her co-star and ex-girlfriend, Cyn Santana.

During a recent interview, Cyn was asked about the secret troll account.

“I wanna stay focused on the new song. I really don’t want no parts of anything that is weird, anything that is dark. I can’t even—I don’t even know what to say. Weird things like that, I just gotta pray for that. Like, that’s weird. Those are weird things. Fake pages and cyber-bullying,” she said. “I wish her well. I didn’t even know I was a thought still today.”

Fans concluded that it was Erica behind the @gunner2582 page after the account was changed to the name of her newborn baby.

The account is now @LegendBrians.

Screenshots of some of the trolling comments were captured in screengrabs have been circulating the internet.

“you must really be stuck on stupid to even think that Erica needs Cyn for a headline. Cyn can’t make a headline unless she dating someone. Not even her so called music made a headline,” one of the comments reads.

The account also responded to a fan, “Just say you’re Cyn at this point because you are going way too hard covering up the lies Cyn loves to tell. Cyn can’t make a headline ever!!! not in her music ONLY if she’s dating that’s where she strikes gold. other than that nothing else about her is interesting. You could say Erica’s drama (Real reality TV stars know drama brings viewers) but Erica is what made Cyn even known. No one would know cyn without Erica. Cyn wasn’t charting as long as you mentioned and you know this.”

Erica is yet to deny the claims that she was the person behind the troll account.

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