Mary J. Blige Says She Still Believes In Love Despite Messy Divorce From Kendu Isaacs

by Gee NY

Renowned as the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul, Mary J. Blige, seems undeterred by the challenges of a tumultuous divorce from Kendu Isaacs in 2018.

She has made a compelling return to the music scene with her latest release, “Still Believes In Love.”

Following her divorce, which involved financial disputes and accusations of betrayal, the multi-Grammy-winning artist takes music lovers on a reflective journey, expressing resilience and newfound optimism in her new song.

In the poignant lyrics, she declares:

“Well, it’s a whole new day, a whole new wave / Ain’t worried ’bout nothing / Everything’s looking up, yeah / Well, I was going through a phase, stuck in old ways.”

Mary J. Blige, celebrated for her authentic and powerful music, has consistently connected with her fan base, offering a musical narrative that resonates with the phases of life they are navigating.

The release of “Still Believes In Love” showcases her ability to capture the essence of personal growth and transformation.

The song features a collaboration with New York rapper Vado, adding another layer of depth to Mary J. Blige’s illustrious career.

As she continues to evolve and share her journey through music, Blige stands as a testament to resilience and artistic authenticity.

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