Meet The 10-Year-Old Girl Who Bravely Helped Her Mom Deliver A Baby At Home: ‘Don’t Sit On The Toilet’

by Gee NY
Miracle Moore

Ten-year-old Miracle Moore from Jennings, Missouri, assisted her mother, Viola Fair, 30, in delivering a baby at home in 2022.

As Viola went into labor unexpectedly on Oct. 22, Miracle took charge by swiftly dialing 911 and communicating with dispatcher Scott Stranghoener.

In the recorded 911 call, lasting nearly 11 minutes, Miracle calmly relayed instructions from Stranghoener to her mother, ensuring her safety and well-being throughout the process.

“Hi, I think my mom is in labor,” Miracle told Stranghoener, initiating the emergency response. She followed Stranghoener’s directives, advising her mother, “Don’t sit on the toilet” and instructing her to lay down on the bed or floor.

Despite the tense situation, Miracle remained composed, fetching towels and blankets to assist her mother and unlocking the front door for the arriving emergency responders.

Throughout the ordeal, she provided comfort to her mother, offering words of reassurance and support.

“It’s OK, Mama, it’s OK!” Miracle assured her mother, whose cries of pain echoed in the background.

Amidst the chaos, Miracle continued to update Stranghoener on her mother’s condition, even alerting him when she believed her mother’s water had broken.

As the situation intensified, Miracle’s quick thinking and calm demeanor became even more crucial. When Stranghoener offered to guide her through the delivery process, Miracle’s response showcased her remarkable bravery and maturity.

“She’s coming! She’s coming!” Miracle exclaimed, urging her mother to lie down and announcing the arrival of the baby.

Despite her initial disbelief at the prospect of delivering the baby herself, Miracle’s courage prevailed as she supported her mother through the miraculous moment.

Miracle’s heroic actions during her mother’s delivery underscore her remarkable courage and maturity beyond her years.

Her quick response and unwavering support undoubtedly played a pivotal role in ensuring a safe and successful delivery, highlighting the extraordinary bond between a mother and her daughter in the face of adversity.

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