Old Video Shows Aoki Warned Dad, Russell Simmons, She Was Going To Get A Sugar Daddy: ‘Raise My Budget, Or Else…’

by Grace Somes
Aoki Lee Simmons and Russell Simmons || Image credit: @aokileesimmons @unclerush

The internet has dredged up a video of Aoki Lee Simmons telling her father, Russell Simmons, that she will get a sugar daddy if she doesn’t increase her budget.

News of 21-year-old Aoki Simmons’s relationship with Serafina Restaurant Group founder Vittorio Assaf has been the roots of the gossip vine this weekend.

The young Havard graduate was spotted on a romantic gateway in St. Barths earlier this week.

In one photo, Aoki Simmons kisses the shirtless businessman wearing a two-piece bikini. Another shows the Harvard graduate posing in the sand for Assaf. Other images show the two having fun in the ocean.

Soon after the photos went viral, an old video resurfaced showing Aoki Simmons warning her father that she would date an older man for money if he didn’t increase her allowance.

In the clip, Aoki says, “If you don’t raise my budget, I’m gonna get a sugar daddy.

“I’m kidding. I’m sorry; I’m just joking,” Aoki hurriedly added.

But her father looked worried as he quizzed, “Why would you say that? You don’t even have sugar daddy capabilities. Aren’t you a V? Of course, you are, right?

“I’m just saying that if you don’t give me that, I’m gonna go and do that,” she continues to push it.

“No, you’re not going to do that,” Russell Simmons interjects. “You just want me to raise your budget. Your budget is fine.”

He continues, “God is watching you. He hears you. You know your higher self hears you. You’re not going to do that. You’re just talking.”


But it seems that Aoki Simmons meant every word according to her vacation pictures with her new boo, 65-year-old millionaire.

Aoki’s new boo, Vittorio Assaf, divorced Charlotte Bostrom, with whom he has two children, in 2021. The restaurateur then proceeded to date 24-year-old model Nya Gatbel following his split from his wife.

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