Mindfulness Made Easy with @BlackGirlInOm

by Yah Yah

Black Girl In Om creates a space for women of color to breathe easy” that’s the motto of Black Girl In Om, a wellness platform that has been championing the holistic wellness of women of color through their online podcast. Through conversations on mental health, self-awareness, and everything else in between, the show encourages women of color to take a holistic approach to their well-being.

Usually featuring a line-up of women who are experts within their respective wellness and beauty fields, the show’s visitors include holistic lifestylists, yogis, and clean beauty experts among others.

BGIO founder, Lauren Ash is changing the face of wellness! Ash was moved to create the platform when she noticed the ubiquitous and severe under-representation of Black women in her yoga classes.

Recognizing the strength in the communities of black women that she found herself in, she decided to mobilize a group of remarkable women to join her in sharing their individual wellness journeys, with the goal of bringing black sisterhood and a culture of self-care to women across the country.

Listen to their conversation with CRWN magazine founder Lindsey Day and get your L-I-F-E!

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