Woman Whose Children Were Accused Of Being Too Loud Goes Crazy Inside A Walmart, Attacks Another Child

by Gee NY

An incident that occurred on Oct. 26 at a Walmart in Duluth, Georgia, has intrigued many on social media.

A woman, Brittany George, a resident of Gwinnett County, found herself in legal trouble after being charged with simple assault and felony child cruelty.

The altercation unfolded when a woman approached George and commented that her children were being too loud inside the store.

Surveillance footage obtained from the store shows a heated exchange between George, dressed in black, and the woman in orange.

The situation escalated when George allegedly threw a box of crayons, inadvertently hitting the woman’s son. Subsequently, George is reported to have physically assaulted the woman. Bystanders attempted to intervene to defuse the confrontation.

Remarkably, the incident did not result in severe injuries, but it did prompt law enforcement involvement.

George left the scene before the police arrived, only to be arrested the following day. The charges against her include simple assault and felony child cruelty.

This incident adds to a series of controversies associated with Walmart. In a separate viral video online, a staff member was seen verbally attacking a group of Black customers, accusing them of theft.

Another incident, reported in June, involved a Rhode Island Walmart location where a Black employee was seen sitting in a storage rack, seeking bail money for a hospital with a sign that read:

“I’m in jail!!! I need bail!!! Help me raise $50 to get out!!”

This display, intended for fundraising, sparked controversy and was later removed, with Walmart Corp. stating it went against company policy.

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