Mother Says Her 11-Year-Old Tech Wiz Hacked His School’s Internet For Months and Shut Down Classes

by Shine My Crown Staff

On TikTok last week, a mother took to social media to share the story of her 11-year-old son who found himself in trouble with his school and the law after he hacked his school’s virtual classes.

“If anyone wants a child who’s 11, come get him,” she wrote.

Elijah blocked the school’s classes by hacking into the institution’s servers.

Victoria said four police officers, the district attorney’s office, the superintendent, the principal, and three IT technicians were present when she was called to the school.

“He was shaking, very visibly upset,” she said in the video. “What possibly could my 11-year-old child who is in 5th grade have done that has warranted all of this police activity?”

Victoria was floored by what they told her next.

“He has been controlling the Internet at the school for the past 3 months,” she says in the video. According to Victoria, Elijah figured out how to shut down the school’s internet, thus preventing teachers from holding virtual classes and even communicating with students.


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No charges were pressed against Elijah. Instead, a judge ordered him to participate in a first-time juvenile offenders program instead where he was ordered to complete five tasks for his record to be wiped clean.

“I knew he was smart. Does he make the best choices all the time?’ No’, but we are working on that, and he is a very good child. Overall he’s a good boy,” Victoria says in a follow-up video.

In the comments section, viewers asked Victoria whether Elijah could hack Sallie Mae and clear their student loans.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help pay for Elijah’s private school educationClick here to donate.

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