Natalie Nunn Admits To Sleeping With Curtis Golden Despite Being Married: “My Husband And I Agreed To Go A Break”

by Grace Somes
Natalie Nunn and Curtis Golden || Image credit: @realmissnatalienunn @_curtisgolden

TV reality star Natalie Nunn appears to be unbothered about the viral videos of her cheating on her husband with Bad Boys cast member Curtis Golden.

Stunna Girl stayed true to her word as she exposed former Baddies mate Natalie for messing around with another man even though she is married.

Soon after making these claims, videos of Natalie and Curtis Golden smooched up in public flooded the timeline.

In the videos, Nunn and Golden had each other’s tongues down their throats, enjoying each other’s company on a night out.

After the videos went viral, many fans were shocked to see the married TV personality creeping around with Curtis Golden.

In response to the current messiness, Natalie Nunn recorded a video to explain why her husband is not upset over her alleged infidelity.

“In 2022, I, Natalie Nunn, was working tremendously. Jacob and I, we were in a great agreement that we were going to take a little break that’s when those videos that surfaced today were taken,” she began.

Nunn also admits that she does not regret the experience before leaving a message for Golden, whom she claims tried to blackmail her.

“Those little videos from 2020. Soo cute. I love those videos. Let’s fast forward to January this year.

“You’ve been trying to extort me since January. You have been telling me that I need to send you a Rollie since Jacob posted his new Rolex watch that I bought him. We don’t go together. We don’t go together. You were a thing. Okay,” Natalie addressed Golden.

Before her recording ended, Natalie Nun challenged anyone who had more dirt on her to bring it on.

“How do I make sure you had a madaf*king bed to sleep on, and the madaf*ker wants to extort me? Expose me. Expose. Let’s talk about it!”

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