‘Truly Stunning:’ NBC’s Kristen Welker Astonished By New Biden-Trump Poll Numbers

by Xara Aziz
Twitter: @kwelkernbc

On last Sunday’s Meet the Press with Kristen Welker of NBC News, the broadcaster was taken aback over a new poll recording the opinion of voters should the 2024 election between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump take place.

During the broadcast, Welker said the poll had “some truly stunning numbers.”

“They really are,” Steve Kornack, NBC’s national political correspondent told Welker. “When you ask folks, ‘Hey, if it’s the general election and it’s Trump versus Biden,’ in our poll, Donald Trump now leads Joe Biden by five points. Compare that to the last time we pulled back in November. Trump was ahead then, but it was only by two points.”

He continued: “It’s even more significant when you look at it this way. Over time, we have been testing for five years now, going back to 201—a Biden-Trump match-up. Remember 2019, 2020 Joe Biden led. He led big in every single one of our polls. For the first time in November, Donald Trump pulled ahead in our poll. And now, at five points, this is the biggest lead NBC has ever had in 16 polls for Donald Trump over Joe Biden.”

Kornacki noted that President Biden’s approval rating had dropped to 37%, with 60% of respondents expressing disapproval.

It’s “the lowest approval rating since former President George W. Bush’s second term,” Welker responded.

Regarding voter confidence in managing the U.S. economy, Kornacki highlighted Trump’s 55% rating compared to Biden’s 33%.

Wow,” Welker exclaimed.

This week will be pivotal in the decision Americans will confront in November during a historic and unprecedented election that is already challenging longstanding interpretations of the Constitution and the authority of the presidency.

Trump is anticipated to emerge from the Super Tuesday GOP primaries in 15 states with a strong chance of securing his third consecutive Republican nomination. In his pursuit of a remarkable return to the White House four years after contesting the previous election results, the former president is signaling that a potential second term would be even more unconventional than his first.

Meanwhile, Biden will step onto the stage before a vast television audience for his State of the Union address this Thursday. The speech will represent a crucial trial for the 81-year-old president who confronts skepticism about his fitness for a second term, amidst global crises and widespread dissatisfaction with his domestic performance.

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