Nicki Minaj: ‘Queen Radio Has a New Home’

by Shine My Crown Staff
Nicki Minaj

The Barbz have been missing Nicki Minaj’s “Queen Radio” show on Apple Music.

Apparently, Joe Budden is also a Barb, and during his podcast, he questioned where Minaj’s popular radio show had disappeared to.

“I don’t like how the music industry doesn’t give us a follow-up story on some of the things we fall in love with. Like, I want to know what happened to Queen Radio,” says Budden. “Where is Queen Radio? It was only the biggest thing outside of OVO Radio. Queen Radio is important for culture. Sorry! It should be there or we should get an announcement as to why it’s not there.”

Minaj caught wind of Budden’s inquiry retweeted the clip where she gave fans some new info.

“Thank you Joe, I rlly appreciate you asking & caring,” she captioned the clip. “We have a new home. Official announcement coming soon. I gotta s/o Larry Jackson @ Apple tho, for originally putting the idea on my radar & giving me his blessing to explore new avenues for the show. #QueenRadio.”

Queen Radio provided many a viral moment. Minaj used it to interview artists, preview new music as well as air out her foes.

Budden and Minaj once had friction, but the pair made amends after Minaj stopped by “The Joe Budden podcast,” two years ago.

She was asked to list her Top 5 greatest rappers. “Definitely Wayne, Jay… Biggie,” she responded.

Minaj also added Budden to her list.

“It’s weird for me. I’m one of those people that do like people that may not be as big as Hov or whatever but I can tell their skill. Like Jadakiss— I always talk about — or Fab. You’re one of them as well,” she said.

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