Ebony Anglers: All-Black Female Fishing Team Earned Historic Win In Their First-Ever Tournament

by Gee NY

In a groundbreaking achievement, Ebony Anglers, an all-Black female fishing team hailing from Morehead, North Carolina, made history by securing victory in the King Mackerel division of the Spanish Mackerel & Dolphin Tournament.

The triumphant win in 2020 marked the team’s first-ever participation in a major competitive fishing event. The visionary behind this pioneering team is Gia Peebles, a salon owner and entrepreneur with a passion for fishing.

The inspiration struck Peebles when she observed the Big Rock Fishing Tournament and noticed the absence of women of color among the competitors. Determined to challenge this gap, she assembled a team of accomplished and driven women.

“I noticed that there were no women of color competing… We can do this,” Peebles shared with Spectacular Magazine.

The team comprises Lesleigh Mausi, owner of a festival, Glenda Turner, a nail tech entrepreneur, Bobbiette Palmer, a digital marketing specialist, and editorial model, and Tiana Davis, owner of a Gourmet Catering Company.

In their inaugural tournament, the Ebony Anglers showcased their fishing prowess by reeling in a remarkable 48 lb. King Mackerel, earning acclaim from the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

Their inspiring journey goes beyond the fishing realm; it signifies a significant stride toward diversifying and redefining the landscape of competitive fishing.

The Ebony Anglers are breaking barriers and setting a new standard for inclusivity in a sport traditionally dominated by a specific demographic.

Their historic victory serves as an inspiration and a testament to the power of determination and skill in overcoming challenges and achieving success in uncharted waters.

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