Nicki Minaj’s Little Sis Disassociates Herself From Rapper: Says No Beef, Just Beats With Two New Songs!

by Grace Somes
Ming Luan Li and Nicki Minaj || Image credit: @mingluanli @nickiminaj

Ming Luan Li subbing her famous big sister on the internet is a bold move, even if she’s super talented.

Earlier this month, Ming announced that she was preparing to release two new songs and asked fans to support her musical career.

She also said that she did not want to be linked to her half-sister, Nicki Minaj, in any way that could help her budding career.

In 2013, Nicki Minaj revealed to the world that she had a little sister named Ming. Ming is a half-sister on her father’s side. On June 16, 2013, the singer celebrated her sister with a photo on Twitter with the hashtag ‘#SisterLoveU’.

The 18-year-old went online to set the records straight about her relationship with her sister, Nicki Minaj, after previewing her two new songs, “Do It Again” featuring Rakeem Love and “Thinking About You”.

“So, basically, as I’m going to start my music career, further on, I would no longer be known as Nicki Minaj’s little sister. I’m known as Ming Luan Li,” she began her video.

Ming also added that she didn’t need Nicki’s help to make it in the music business.

“And right now, I’m going to do big things with myself without having to get secret help, any type of easy help,” she continued.
“I’m going to work my way to the top. And all these rumors where if I care about any type of beef or drama, has nothing to do with me.”

Before ending the Live video, the young rapper shared her dreams with her fans.

“What I want to work on is my music. I want to work on my career. I want to do something with my life. I want to make better choices. I want to be better. And yeah, I appreciate all the love and support and stuff like that. And I love the songs. Love the two songs we have now, and I appreciate y’all.”

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