Normani Defends Cardi B as She Threatens to Halt ‘Wild Side’ Promotion

by Shine My Crown Staff

Normani leaped to Cardi B’s defense after the “WAP’ rapper threatened to stop promoting the single.

Cardi says she’s had enough of the trolls.

Some of Normani’s fans think that Cardi B should have been on the remix of the single and not on the original.

“Same people that says this s–t is the same people that didn’t buy s–t , don’t request on radio, not streaming not adding no value or numbers to the song but opinions on twitter for a hit tweet cause hating but keeping up with cardi it’s what in,” Cardi responded on Twitter.

Normani then chimed in, “Can’t imagine this record without you. THAT’S THE TWEET.”

She later followed up with, “I don’t think you guys understand how harddddd this woman has gone for me. You have been a champion for me throughout this whole process even when I was freaking out the night before releasing. God don’t play when it comes to His. we good sis.”

Cardi may be one of the biggest mainstream artists in the industry, but the love also comes with a lot of hate.

She later broke down her decision to hop on “Wild Side” with the British singer — apologizing for going a little “too crazy.”

“Doing some features with certain artists like Normani, not only do I like the song, but I fell in love with Normani…I fell in love with her situation, because I feel like she’s such a talented person. She’s really good, she’s sweet in and out. I still feel like she’s a little bit younger than me, so I feel like I wanna mentor her. I be going so hard and I be pushing so hard because I feel like she should be a super, top-of-the-line priority. She can dance, she can sing, she got the work ethic. I just feel like she’s a little younger so she just needs a little more help with the industry stuff.”

The song hit #14 on the Billboard charts.

“I feel like I’ve been putting my all behind this record, and she’s been putting her all behind this record. I feel like my fans have been putting their all… I be waking up and all I see is my fans promoting, promoting. It hurts me when I get sh-tted on because I’ve been putting my all, my fans been putting [their] all, so it’s like when I get sh-tted on, I don’t even wanna argue. I’m just like ‘You know what? I’ll just take my services somewhere else.’ But that’s not fair. It’s not fair to the artists. It’s not fair to the people that actually enjoy it.”

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