Kiko Davis: The Only Black Woman Bank Owner In The US Reveals Her ‘Superpower’ In Riveting Interview

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Kiko Davis, the trustee of the Donald Davis Living Trust and majority stockholder of First Independence Bank, is making history as the only African American female bank owner in the United States.

Her commitment to legacy building extends beyond the financial sector, as she serves as the founder and president of the Don Davis Legacy Foundation.

In a recent interview with Rolling Out, Davis reflects on her journey, philanthropy, and the importance of mentorship for women of color.

Here are some highlights from her conversation in Rolling Out a few years back:

Davis’ Superpower Revealed

When asked about her superpower, Davis unequivocally identifies courage. She views courage as a tool to conquer adversity and challenges. She reveals that the more substantial the obstacle, the stronger she becomes.

Unique Qualities as a Leader

Davis attributes her uniqueness as an African American female leader to the ability to genuinely connect with people and inspire a culture of synergy.

She sees this as a God-given talent that naturally fosters the best in individuals when leaders are passionate about them and their environment.

Encouraging Advice to Younger Self

Davis encourages her younger self, and by extension, others, not to be afraid of failure.

She believes that with each failure comes a valuable lesson, offering wisdom, perseverance, and strength. She emphasizes that many successful individuals have faced and learned from failures.

Importance of Women of Color in Leadership

According to Davis, women of color possess an innate warrior spirit that makes them effective leaders and winners.

She sees strength, courage, intelligence, and analytical ability as essential leadership qualities. However, she notes that empathy and sensitivity towards women and minorities are equally essential qualities that women of colour bring to their leadership roles.

Acknowledging Shirley Chisholm

Davis expresses deep admiration for Shirley Chisholm, the first Black congresswoman and major party Black candidate for president.

She thanks Chisholm for her fearlessness in facing racism, bigotry, and misogyny while advocating for equality, education, and justice.

Giving Back and Mentorship

Davis firmly believes in giving back and sees it as a requirement for those who have achieved success.

She stated that helping others reach their full potential adds more to one’s life than it takes away. Mentorship, for her, is a way of guiding others on their journey to greatness.

Thoughts on Collaboration Over Competition

Davis loves collaboration, recognizing that building a great team is essential for success. She believes that working cohesively towards common goals increases the rate of success, with individual strengths pooling together to become a formidable force.

Taking Risks and Making Mistakes

For Davis, taking risks is a necessary step to success, and mistakes bring invaluable knowledge that becomes a strategy for winning. She encourages embracing risks for the potential rewards they bring.

Success Habits for Daily Routine

Davis starts her day with a positive attitude, prayer, healthy eating, and morning exercise. Surrounding herself with positive, like-minded people is also crucial for maintaining energy and facing daily challenges.

Inspiration from Daughter Skye

Davis draws inspiration from her 12-year-old daughter Skye, who aspires to be a Supreme Court Justice. Skye’s determination challenges Davis to constantly perform at her highest level, reinforcing the impact of early exposure on a child’s aspirations.

Her Dream Mentor? Sheila C. Johnson

If given the chance to have any person as a mentor, Davis would choose Sheila C. Johnson, co-founder of BET and CEO of Salamander Hotels and Resorts.

Johnson’s excellence, beauty, power, grace, and fiscal responsibility make her an ideal role model for Davis.

Kiko Davis’ journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring leaders, particularly women of color.

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