Outcry Over Mary J Blige’s $1,295 Statement Boots: Fans Wanted Affordable MJB!

by Grace Somes
Mary J Blige || Image credit: @therealmaryjblige

Mary J. Blige, the undisputed Queen of Hip-Hop Soul, has unveiled her latest venture—collaborating with renowned shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti. 

Fans have long pushed Mary J. Blige, well-known for having impeccable taste in boots, to either start her own line or collaborate with a shoe company. 

At last, the wait is over! Giuseppe Zanotti and Mary J. Blige recently announced their new partnership, showcasing an eye-catching boot collection.

The collection unofficially launched on Saturday night at her “Strength of a Woman” festival at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y.  

Blige, who is well-known for her distinctive look and love of statement boots, expressed her excitement about the partnership and emphasized the importance of this project for her community and fans.

The Mary J. Blige statement boot is a slouchy over-the-knee boot priced at $1,295. It boasts a shiny mirror rose gold accent and is available in women’s sizes 6-12.

“What’s going on with these boots is that they’ve just been released. Mary J Blige Boots is officially in the universe. Everybody has been requesting and asking for it. 


“The announcement was made while I was wearing it with a f**king fire outfit. But right now, they are available. Monday morning. Go and get them,” Mary J Blige 

But fans may not be getting it soon, as they flooded the video’s comments section with complaints about the steep price. May took to social media to express their disappointment.

“Auntie. We wanted a boot line we can afford,” a fan voiced their frustration

“In THIS ECONOMY MARY?” another wrote. 

Another fan added, “Girl….giuseppe …. During inflation?? Mary, plsssss.”


The singer of ‘Good Morning Gorgeous’ can now expand her brand to include boots in addition to her successful children’s book, Mary Can!, and jewelry line created in partnership with Simone I. Smith.

What do you think? Too steep or worth every penny?

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