Social Media Users Go Wild After Fashion Nova Allegedly Steals Black Designer Anifa Mvuemba’s Creations

by Gee NY
Anifa Mvuemba (R). Photo Credit: Hania/website, Anifam/Instagram

Anifa Mvuemba, the innovative mind behind the trailblazing luxury brand Hanifa, has found herself at the center of controversy once again as her supporters rally behind her against allegations of design theft by fast fashion giant Fashion Nova.

The latest dispute erupted when Fashion Nova faced accusations of attempting to pass off one of Mvuemba’s dress concepts as their own.

The retailer’s orange and blue woven Symone Sweater Maxi Dress drew striking similarities to Mvuemba’s renowned Taliah Knit Dress, a piece celebrated for its “structured yet delicate design that prepares you to dominate every room you enter.”

Mvuemba’s original creation, priced at $1,098, gained widespread attention after being featured on Hanifa’s Instagram page in November 2023 and subsequently worn by celebrities like Cardi B.

In contrast, Fashion Nova produced an imitation of the dress and priced it at $54.99. But was forced to swiftly remove it from their site following backlash from the fashion community and supporters of Mvuemba.

Despite the outcry, neither Mvuemba nor her business have issued official commentary regarding the copyright scandal.

However, her supporters have been vocal in condemning Fashion Nova’s actions, highlighting the disparity in quality and pricing between the two brands.

This is not the first time Fashion Nova has been accused of stealing Mvuemba’s creations. In August 2022, Mvuemba called out the retailer for selling a knockoff version of her Jax Knit Gown, priced significantly lower than her original creation.

Mvuemba expressed frustration, stating, “With Fashion Nova, I feel like they just don’t care—bottom line.”

Fashion Nova’s history of alleged design theft and exploitation has drawn scrutiny in the past. The company settled a Federal Trade Commission lawsuit in 2022 for blocking negative product reviews, reportedly paying $4.2 million in damages.

Additionally, accusations of exploiting factory workers and owing millions in unpaid wages have further tarnished the retailer’s reputation.

Despite the challenges posed by such controversies, Mvuemba’s contributions to the fashion industry continue to be celebrated.

Her innovative approach, which combines intricate designs with 3D technology, has earned her recognition from industry peers and celebrities alike.

However, the recent dispute underscores ongoing concerns regarding intellectual property rights and ethical practices within the fashion world.

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