Prominent Social Media Influencer Under Fire for Stating ‘Cheap Braiders’ Are Devaluing the Craft

by Xara Aziz
Confident and beautiful, embracing the beauty of long braids.

A social media and beauty influencer has come under fire after making disparaging comments about “cheap braiders” who she feels killing the craft of hair braiding through the use of “labor” instead of artistry.

On May 19, Christine Renee Banks went on a rant about why braiders should charge more for their time and to decline clients who expect to pay less to get their hair braided.

“So LETS STOP! Hair school don’t even let you come get the service because it’s LABOR!” she wrote in the caption of the video she posted on Instagram.

“Even in beauty school, you can’t go to beauty get a head full of individuals [braids],” she said in the video. “You can’t even go to beauty school to get a head full of knotless braids, feed-ins, or anything like that.  Most you can get in Beauty school is cornrows.”

She added that people outside of the industry were imprudent to suggest braiders should charge less for the complex structure of hair strands interwoven to produce a beautiful loc-like hairstyle.

“So if beauty schools understand that this service is labor, and I will not put this on my students, why do y’all think you can come over here in the industry and tell us that $100 is too much for braids?” she questioned.

She further added that she created the video to show people that “braids are so much labor that they don’t even let us do it in hair school, and that should tell you the value of that service.”

She also had a word for others who do braids for clients, stating that charging a low price devalues their craft.

“So, braiders, stop getting in these comments flexing about being cheap because even beauty schools understand the value, and we do that sh*t for free.”

Enter the commenters, who also weighed in with their thoughts on the price and value of braids.

“Y’all charge people $400 for a hairstyle that last a month. Majority of us don’t have that kind of money, and we make $400 in a week. Y’all want $400 for 3 hours, and we still have to bring hair and wax that’s crazy,” one commenter wrote.

“You guys overdo it. The prices should be regulated in all states because y’all have the power to set the price, and 99% of you abuse it!” wrote another.

While some didn’t agree with the influencer’s post, some sided with her thoughts.

:For everyone saying that it cost to much, braid it yourself then. That’ll stop all the back and forth. Just do your own hair or find someone on your budget,” one user wrote.

“Everyone misses the message!! Like shop and bargain shop with who you want! I don’t see people complain about Target to Walmart or pottery barn to Target or Wayfair to Overstock and most of the times they have the exact similar things yet one is always higher. Like y’all don’t come complaining y’all just move along quietly why all of a sudden y’all on harping on braiders,” another chimed in.

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