Rapper Naya Ali Tunes Out The Negativity In “Ra Ra”

by Yah Yah

Montreal raised emcee Naya Ali releases her first single “Ra Ra,” an ode to blocking out ideas of self-doubt and limiting external voices. The single is taken from her upcoming Higher Self EP. Already being touted as the “female Kendrick Lamar,” Naya Ali juxtaposes masterful, lyrical dexterity with sassy, street swag. As she rebukes all negativity, we predict nothing but good for Ali’s future, which is already looking bright!

About Naya Ali

Born in Addis and raised in Montreal, Naya Ali has been working at her craft silently for 7 years and is now ready to disrupt. “I had to change my views, I had to change my mind. I had to transform. I was/am forced to transform. If I don’t, I will stand still, and without movement there can be no growth. There can be no life.” That was her mantra when she confronted reality by coming into the hip-hop world to change its paradigm with her first single “Ra Ra”. Her flow, depth and delivery promises versatility in a style often compared to the love child of Kendrick, and The Weeknd. Recently discovered by Mama’s Boy Music Group (the management team behind worldwide known Zombie Boy) and featured on major blogs, Naya is making a long needed refreshing entrance into the game.

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