The World Reacts To Migrant Slave Trade In Libya #EndLibyanSlavery

by Yah Yah

Earlier this month, CNN reporters captured footage of a slave auction being held in a courtyard outside of Libya’s capital. The video of the auction then went viral, prompting international outrage and calls for an end to these heinous crimes against humanity.

It has been speculated that hundreds of Libyans are being bought, sold and even murdered every week by human traffickers, who seek to smuggle their human cargo via a perilous route to Europe. Despite the outrage, it is unclear what is being done to put an end to the problem. The situation is grim.

Here in the United States, the President, Donald Trump, is busy verbally attacking NBA players, the NFL and retweeting anti-Muslim videos, rather than providing and assistance to the sub-Saharan country. An advocate for anti-immigration policies and a champion of white supremacy, support from Trump’s administration is unlikely.

But that isn’t a reflection on the rest of us. As we continue to be horrified by CNN‘s reports, thousands of people are rallying online to put an end the illegal slave trade in Libya. Here are just a few of the call-to-actions!

If you’d like to support the Libyan migrants, you can donate to the International Organization For Migration by clicking here as well as the The UN Refugee Agency here.

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