‘RHOBH’s Garcelle Beauvais on Why She Called Dorit Kemsley Out: ‘She Wasn’t Letting Anybody Else Talk’

by Shine My Crown Staff

“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Garcelle Beauvais has taken a lot of hits over Erika Jayne’s legal drama.

First, fans slammed her for revealed on camera that Erika’s husband, Tom Girardi, calls her every day. In response, Erika turned on the waterworks and tried to turn all of the ladies against her.

She came close to succeeding.

Shortly after, Sutton Stracke called a meeting with the ladies, sans Erika Jayne, and shared that she had sought legal advice. She shared with the ladies that she did not feel she should be socializing with Erika as it could be bad for her reputation… which is her choice.

Dorit was also very vocal during the chat.

However, when all of the ladies were at dinner together, Dorit attempted to tapdance around the issue — walking back on the inflammatory comments she made about Erika Jayne’s situation.

Garcelle called her on it. Again, she’s been made out to be the villain.

On the “RHOBH: After Show,” Garcelle explained why she decided to put Dorit on blast.

“One, because she wasn’t letting anybody else talk, and two, everybody was just going after [Sutton Stracke], going after Sutton,” she said. “[And] I didn’t feel like she was actually saying all the things that she said in that room.”

Garcelle was also frustrated because all of the ladies were calling out Sutton — when in reality, they all had a little something to say during their secret meeting. The only person who had Erika’s back 100% was Lisa Rinna.

“Maybe because she called the meeting or maybe because she was the one that sort of brought it up but I don’t think it was a horrible thing,” Garcelle said. “I think we’re focusing on the wrong thing and saying all these things in front of Erika is also hurtful to Erika.”

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