‘RHOP’s Candiace Dillard Attacks Jemele Hill: ‘You’re Too Chicken S—t to Have Your Dms on’

by Shine My Crown Staff

“Real Housewives of Potomac” star Candiace Dillard does not like criticism.

Last season, Candiace got into a physical altercation with Monique Samuels, which ultimately led to Monique leaving the show. But before she left, on the reunion show, Monique showed up with a binder full of receipts on all of the cast members.

It was a moment.

Monique was a beloved character, and viewers miss her.

Jemele Hill decided to give her opinion on the show this week and tweeted:

“My guilty pleasure summer watch is #RHOP. I’m finally at the season 5 reunion where Monique brought the binder. Here’s what I’m not understanding about their fight: When you dare someone to drag you, and then they do exactly what you asked, how is this an attack?”

One of Hill’s followers then tweeted: “Come on now, words and fists are two different things!”

Hill responded, “Yes and no. If my words are about the fact that I’m ready to fight, then that’s different. Candiace made it seem like she was ready for the get down. And clearly she wasn’t.”

Which is true.

Hill added, “Clearly grown women fighting is a terrible look, but it is blame on both sides. Candiace is always telling people she’s about that action, and then you get that action you asked for, so… Part of me thinks the real emotional trauma is losing the fight #RHOP.”

Candiace caught wind of the tweets and piped up with a tweet of her own:

“Messaged you on ig since you’re too chicken s—t to have [your] Twitter dm’s on @jemelehill.”

Some think that Candiace is just using the attention to promote her new single. Candiace is trying to launch herself as a credible artist, and while she can clearly sing — she still has a way to go before she hits the mainstream.

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