Fani Willis’ Alleged Affair With Trump’s Prosecutor Nathan Wade Not Mentioned In His Divorce Records

by Gee NY

Court records related to the divorce case of special prosecutor Nathan Wade, hired in the election interference case against Donald Trump, have been unsealed by a judge on Monday, Jan. 22.

This move follows allegations of an inappropriate relationship between Wade and Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

The unsealed court documents, however, did not explicitly mention the affair allegations that have been swirling around, causing a stir in the case that accuses Trump and 18 associates of attempting to overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia.

The decision to unseal the divorce case records came in response to a request made by a defense attorney who asserts the existence of an improper relationship between Willis and Wade.

The judge, while ordering the unsealing, deferred a final decision on whether Willis would be required to undergo questioning in the divorce case, postponing her scheduled deposition set for Jan 23, 2024.

Fani Willis, who has hired Wade despite his limited prosecutorial experience, has yet to directly confirm or deny any romantic involvement.

She has accused Wade’s estranged wife of obstructing the election interference case by attempting to involve her in the divorce proceedings.

These affair allegations have raised concerns about the potential impact on the prosecution, with political opponents leveraging the claims to question the case’s credibility and Wade’s qualifications. Trump, the primary target in the case, maintains his innocence, branding the charges as politically motivated.

The subpoena served to Willis for a deposition in the divorce case aligns with allegations brought forth by the defense, suggesting an undisclosed romantic relationship between Willis and Wade.

Documents presented in court indicate that Wade purchased plane tickets in Willis’ name, raising questions about the nature of their association.

Joycelyn Wade’s lawyer argued that Willis possesses “unique personal knowledge” relevant to the divorce case and should be subject to questioning.

However, Willis’ legal team countered, emphasizing that the division of marital assets does not involve Willis, as she does not share any accounts with Nathan Wade.

During the court hearing, Judge Henry Thompson indicated that a decision on whether Willis should be deposed in the divorce case would be contingent on Wade’s forthcoming questioning.

Trump’s co-defendants, Michael Roman (L) filed paperwork seeking Fani Willis (R) and Wade’s disqualification from the case for violating conflict of interest laws and mishandling public money.

The judge also remarked that the previous sealing of the divorce case without a proper hearing was improper.

Allegations of Nathan Wade’s travels and the purchase of plane tickets in Willis’ name have added fuel to the controversy, suggesting potential conflicts of interest.

As this legal drama unfolds, it further complicates the multiple legal battles faced by Trump as he seeks to re-enter the political arena.

Prosecutors are employing a statute typically associated with organized crime to accuse Trump and his associates of a “criminal enterprise” aimed at retaining power.

While some defendants have pleaded guilty, Trump and others maintain their innocence in the Georgia election interference case.

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