Rhonda Rhimes Picks Steamy Scenes In Bridgeton Season 3 Over The Others: ‘It’s Special’

by Grace Somes
Shonda Rhimes || Image credit: @shondarhimes

Rhimes, who is renowned for her ability to write gripping and intense stories, hinted at Penelope and Colin’s explosive chemistry in Bridgerton’s Season 3

Fans of “Bridgerton” who have been waiting impatiently for the third season of the popular Netflix series have not been disappointed so far. The show’s executive producer and creator, Shonda Rhimes, assured lovers that the next season will be even sexier than the last. 

The upcoming third season of “Bridgerton” will delve further into the lives and loves of the Bridgerton siblings, with a particular emphasis on Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) and Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan). Since the first season, fans have been speculating about their possible romance. Rhimes fulfilled their promises with one of the wildest carriage intimate scenes. 


Speaking on the Jennifer Hudson show, the producer and screenwriter shared her thoughts on the latest Bridgerton Season.

“Season 3? Season 3 is good. I just love the couple that we’re dealing with,” she began. “You know, Penelope and Collin are just people we already know. We’re not bringing in anybody new.”

The founder of Shondaland continued. “We’ve been watching them all these seasons. And so now we get to see then really get back together. Plus, Lady Whistledown finally gets her duet and I love that. I love that. 

Rhimes teased that the intimate moments between Penelope and Colin will be poignant, adding depth to their evolving relationship

“It’s really a season about people who are wallflowers, the shy people. They are coming out of their shells, and that’s exciting. It’s also probably one of our sexiest seasons.”

“Each season is sexy in its own way, and this one, I think, is special,” she concluded.


Since Rhimes and her company Shondaland signed a global deal with Netflix in 2017, which introduced the England-based “Bridgerton” universe, Rhimes’ and her company’s viral power has only grown more powerful.

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