Zendaya Breaks $1 Million Barrier As She Secures Historic Pay Rise For Season 3 Of Euphoria

by Gee NY

Zendaya, born Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, has reportedly secured a monumental pay raise for the hit series Euphoria, earning close to $1 million per episode.

The report about the huge pay rise comes amid the anticipated release of the third season of the hit series.

The significant salary increase by the 26-year-old sensation and lead star of the HBO series has been described as a groundbreaking development within the entertainment industry.

Despite being an ensemble piece, Zendaya’s prominent role as both the lead star and narrator has set her apart, making her renegotiation a significant milestone.

The reported million-dollar figure places her in a league reminiscent of the iconic cast of NBC’s Friends during the show’s final seasons.

While Zendaya’s payday, when adjusted for inflation, falls below the astronomical figures of the Friends cast, it still stands as a landmark within the context of Euphoria, HBO’s acclaimed and widely popular offering.

The entertainment industry has undergone substantial transformations in recent years, particularly with the rise of streaming platforms that have altered traditional payment structures for actors.

Zendaya’s co-star, Sydney Sweeney, recently shed light on these shifts, emphasizing the challenges actors face in securing residuals, a long-term source of income from past roles.

Zendaya’s salary renegotiation paints a picture of the changing dynamics of compensation in the industry and highlights the evolving standards for television star salaries.

While her earnings are now settled, details regarding the salaries of other primary cast members remain undisclosed.

In an industry where million-dollar paychecks for television stars are becoming increasingly common, Zendaya joins high-profile actors earning around $1 million per episode.

This list includes notable figures such as Michael Keaton for Dopesick, Elisabeth Moss for Shining Girls, Jason Sudeikis for Ted Lasso, and Chris Pratt for The Terminal List.

Despite industry efforts to curb soaring star salaries, insiders suggest a new benchmark, claiming that “$850,000 is the new $1 million.”

However, outliers like John Krasinski reportedly command an extraordinary $2 million per episode for Amazon’s Jack Ryan, in part fueled by his role as an executive producer.

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