Saweetie: ‘I Finally Became Comfortable in My Own Skin’

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Saweetie is often praised for her beauty, but in a recent interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, the rapper revealed that she only recently discovered how to appreciate the skin she’s in…

“Last year was the year that I finally became comfortable in my own skin. I kind of figured out what my purpose was,” Saweetie told the publication. “I think it’s important to show little Black and Brown girls that they can be successful in whatever they want to do. If I can do it, you can do it too.”

Despite grappling with her own insecurities, the “Icy Girl” rapper admits that she’s well aware of the privilege that comes with being beautiful.

“I won’t act like there isn’t a certain type of power that comes with people admiring your face. But that’s not something that gets me off,” she said. “I like being Female Athlete of the Year. I like getting 4.0s for a straight year. I like knowing that I write my own songs. I like knowing that I create my own treatments. I like knowing that I donated $150,000 to Black Lives Matter.”

Saweetie also opened up about her controversial freestyle on Hot 97 in 2018. Saweetie served up a confident freestyle to hosts Ebro Darden, Laura Stylez, and Peter Rosenberg and was harshly critiqued for her troubles.

“I just thought the raps was basic,” Darden told her. “I think you need to get sharper on your diction, your clarity, and your content if you’re going to impress me.”

Years later, she confessed that day was hard to bounce back from:

“It was a really dark point in my life. I went from being so loved so quickly because of ‘Icy Grl’ to, on my first promo run, well, you saw the interview. The script flipped really quick, like night and day. I was like, Wait…I had PTSD from that.”

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