Shamari DeVoe Says She Left ‘RHOA’ Because Poor Editing Made Her Look Like a ‘Drunk’

by Shine My Crown Staff

Shamari DeVoe joined Real Housewives of Atlanta’s 11th season, and her first season would be her last.

Unlike some of the show’s new additions, the audience actually warmed to Shamari, so some were confused as to why she walked away from the show.

In a recent interview with The Jasmine Brand, she says she had to leave because poor editing made her look like a drunk. She even says her mother called her on the phone to ask Shamari whether she was an alcoholic.

“They wanted to show me with my lil wine and make it seem like I’m just this drunk or whatever,” she told The Jasmine Brand.

“But that’s not me–there’s a balance. Like they didn’t show the fact that I was doing the Married 4 Life Walk, that I was helping people come together, and the thing about [me drinking on camera is] I hadn’t drank in like 2 years because I was pregnant with the boys, I was breastfeeding. When I got on [RHOA] they [were] just shoving drinks at [me] left and right… So I’m like ‘Okay cool, I can finally get away from the twins’…[The drinks] went straight to the head.”

However, even though Shamari admits she did not have the best experience on the show, she not ruling out a future return.

“But I love all of the ladies on the show, and I love them and I wish them well. And I’m not saying I would never go back to [RHOA] or anything like that, but it just has to be right for me and my family… [The editing] got to the point where my mother was saying ‘Shamari, [why] are you drinking so much? Are you an alcoholic?'”

Shamari is currently starring in “BET Presents: The ENCORE.” The series follows her and eight other singers from notable girl groups who live in a house for 30 days. Within that time, they are to record an album and prepare for a major performance as a supergroup.

“ENCORE” airs on BET every Wednesday at 10 pm EST.

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