KeKe Palmer Fans Slam NFL Player Antonio Brown For ‘Disrespectful’ Rap Lyrics He Used To Shoot His Shot At Actress

by Gee NY

Former NFL player Antonio Brown, known for his tumultuous post-football career, recently stirred up a storm on social media with a series of strange tweets, some of which involved actress KeKe Palmer.

Brown, whose football journey took a rocky turn, has been making headlines for his unconventional choices and erratic behavior.

In his recent Twitter spree on November 29, Brown posted:

“She got pregnant in a 3 some so whose baby is it…”

This was followed by:

“I don’t drink Arnold PALMERS I sip Keke Palmer Ya dig.”

And then:

“We ran her like Olympics.”

Notably, the first and third tweets were lyrics from Kanye West’s latest track “Vultures.”

While Brown seemed to be referencing Kanye’s song, some fans misunderstood and believed the posts were directed at Palmer, prompting backlash.

Fans criticized him for bringing Palmer into his social media drama, with comments like:

“Leave my good sis tf out of your episodes”.

Another KeKe Palmer fan wrote:

“So disrespectful he doesn’t like black women clearly!”

Palmer had recently discussed misogyny on her podcast, “Baby, This Is Keke Palmer,” explaining how her upbringing with parents in a healthy relationship led her to expect the same from others. Brown’s tweets were seen by some as perpetuating misogynistic attitudes.

In response to the controversy, Brown later clarified on Instagram, stating:

“I love @KekePalmer this is me creatively thinking of rap bars”.

He stated that the tweets were part of his artistic expression. Despite the clarification, Brown continued to post random lyrics and phrases, maintaining his unconventional social media presence.

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