Simone Biles Says She Loves ‘Supporting’ Husband Jonathan Owens – “So Much To Be Proud Of”

by Grace Somes
Simone Blies and Jonathan Owens

Simone Biles shared a romantic tribute to her husband, Jonathan Owens after his first season with the Green Bay Packers ended.

The Packers started the season with five registered losses in their first eight matches. Thankfully, there was tiny redemption near the tail end of their league when they won their last game against arch-rivals Chicago Bears.

The Olympic gold medal winner shared that her husband is home after the Packers’ loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

“Look whose [sic] home,” Biles wrote on her Instagram Story with heart eyes, a crying face, a white heart, and crossed fingers emojis. 

In the short clip, Owens put up two peace signs while wearing a blue hoodie with white accents and matching tracksuit bottoms after his team lost on Saturday during the playoffs.

Before the NFL safety returned home in Houston, Simone Biles shared an Instagram reel of the couple sharing a kiss at his game on Saturday. 

Despite the loss, Biles said she was proud of the NFL player’s performance during his first season in Green Bay. She took to social media to reflect on the team’s season.

“It’s been a helluva season & there’s so much to be proud of.

I’m so proud of the work you’ve put in & the confidence you exude throughout your plays. I love you, Jonathan! another football season happy & healthy in the books 🤞🏾.”

Simone Biles appreciated her husband’s team for their hospitality.

“Thank you, Green Bay, for the hospitality. We truly enjoyed our time out here. Thanks to the Packer family for making it home away from home! So blessed to be a part of a season so special!” she wrote.

Simone Biles and her husband continued to love each other in public after drama over his ‘he’s the catch’ comments.

While appearing on the latest episode of The Pivot podcast with his wife, Jonathan Owens told hosts that he “didn’t know who she was” when he first connected with Simone Biles in 2020.

He also said he considered himself “the catch” in their marriage.

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