Meet Davonne Reaves and Jessica Myers: Former Georgia State Roomies Who Brokered Historic $8.3 Million Hotel Deal

by Gee NY
Davonne Reaves and Jessica Myers

Former Georgia State University roommates, Davonne Reaves and Jessica Myers, made headlines with their venture in the real estate industry.

The dynamic duo in 2021 brokered a groundbreaking $8.3 million deal to acquire the Home2 Suites by Hilton in El Reno, Oklahoma, marking a significant milestone in their careers.

Under their millennial-driven hotel ownership group, Reaves and Myers partnered with Nassau Investments to finalize the deal, making them the youngest Black women to co-own a property under a major hotel chain.

This achievement underscores their ambition and determination to make a mark in the real estate sector. Reflecting on the milestone, Reaves expressed her excitement, stating:

“I never thought by the time I was 33 that I’d be a hotel owner, but I admit that it feels great to have accomplished that at this point in my life.”

She said the deal was significant as they pursue their passion for real estate.

For Myers, the timing of the acquisition also holds personal significance as it coincides with her late grandmother’s birthday, a date she shares with Reaves.

“Knowing that I’ve done that just gives me chills!” Myers exclaimed, highlighting the emotional connection to the achievement.

The success of their latest venture is a testament to their long-term vision and dedication to creating opportunities in the real estate market.

Through their Atlanta-based investment firm, Epiq Collective, Reaves and Myers have acquired over $14 million in commercial real estate assets, aiming to provide accessible investment opportunities for a diverse range of investors.

With a keen awareness of the underrepresentation of Blacks and women in the hotel industry, Reaves and Myers are determined to pave the way for greater diversity and inclusion.

“We’re so proud to bring that ‘Black girl magic’ to the commercial real estate industry; this is just the beginning!” Myers remarked in 2021 when news of their historic deal grabbed headlines, highlighting their commitment to driving positive change in the sector.

As they continue to expand their portfolio and inspire others with their success story, Reaves and Myers remain steadfast in their belief that perseverance and ambition are essential ingredients for achieving one’s dreams.

“Stay in committed action no matter what it looks like,” Myers advised.

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