Kendall Rae Johnson: This Six-Year-Old Girl Is Georgia’s Youngest Certified Farmer And Here’s Her Story

by Gee NY

Six-year-old Kendall Rae Johnson has etched her name in Georgia’s agricultural history as the youngest certified farmer.

Her journey began under the tutelage of her great-grandmother, Kate Johnson, who shared the art of gardening, igniting Kendall Rae’s passion for cultivating the land.

Ursula Johnson, Kendall Rae’s mother, also played a pivotal role in nurturing her daughter’s love for gardening, culminating in a small patio garden celebration for Kendall Rae’s fourth birthday.

From this modest beginning, Kendall Rae’s backyard farm in Atlanta has flourished in just two years, yielding a variety of produce, from carrots and sweet potatoes to strawberries and Carolina Reaper peppers.

The young farmer’s enthusiasm extends beyond her backyard, serving as her unique classroom as a homeschooled student.

Kendall Rae’s parents transformed this passion into a small business named aGROWKulture in Southwest Atlanta, marketed as the venture “owned” by Georgia’s youngest certified farmer.

The urban farm offers food basket subscriptions and classes, aiming to share the joy of growing fresh produce with the local community.

Becoming a certified farmer involves specific steps, and aGROWKulture currently provides around 20 monthly subscription baskets to the local community, showcasing the impact of a small backyard farm on community nutrition.

Kendall Rae’s efforts received recognition when Fulton County Commissioner Khadijah Abdur-Rahman and colleagues declared September 28, 2021, as Kendall Rae Johnson Appreciation Day in Fulton County.

Her story reached national figures like Sen. Raphael Warnock, who highlighted her achievements in a sermon.

Kendall Rae’s infectious energy earned her an invitation to become the youngest intern at the Fulton County Board of Commissioners’ office in Southwest Atlanta. Commissioner Abdur-Rahman sees Kendall as an inspiration for people of all ages.

Looking ahead, Kendall Rae’s parents aspire to expand their farm, aiming for 75 to 100 acres in five years. Their vision includes a fruit and nut orchard, diverse vegetables, and exploration of new crops.

Ursula Johnson has explained that whether Kendall Rae continues farming or explores new ventures, she is ready to embrace the journey.

Kendall Rae Johnson isn’t just cultivating crops; she’s sowing the seeds of joy, learning, and inspiration for the future.

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