Social Media Reacts To North West Drawing Inappropriate Picture Of Kanye’s Wife: “Lil Girl Gone Need Some Serious Therapy”

by Grace Somes
North West || Image credit: @kimkardashian

North West’s support for dad Kanye’s album sparks concern
on the internet as many wonder why the 10-year-old girl is recreating a picture of her stepmother’s explicit photo.

In a now-deleted TikTok praising her father, Kanye West’s new album, the young rapper shared images of the X-rated album cover with her other young fans online.

North West debuted as a rapper in Ye’s ‘Talking/Once Again’, featuring Ty Dolla $ign, audio, and music video.

Her father uploaded a snippet of the music video on his official Instagram page, showing off his daughter’s lyrical powers on his new alum.

In the video clip, North sits, rapping her verse on the song as she gets her hair done and referring to herself as “Miss Westie.”

“I love it here/ We gonna take over the year for another year/ It’s your bestie, Miss, Miss Westie. Don’t tryna test me/It’s gonna get messy.”

In another scene, she whispers in her dad’s ear as he laughs, both wearing grills and smiling together.

North West even joined her father on stage to sign out her part during his performance.

He is dressed in all black in the artwork for Vultures 1, a collaboration with Ty Dolla Sign. His face is covered while Bianca stands beside him with her back to the camera. She is naked except for black boots and a sheer piece of material covering her bare buttocks.

The preteen paid homage to this artwork, detailing which of her dad’s explicit new music is her favorite. She also added a handwritten note detailing what she was most grateful for on Feb. 13.

“What are 3 things you’re grateful for today? I am grateful for the VULTURES 1 album because it is insanely good. I am also grateful for the black vulture because if vultures weren’t alive, this amazing album wouldn’t have come out,” North wrote.

“Lastly, I am grateful for the song CARNIVAL,” before drawing her version of the album cover, including her stepmom’s exposed bottom.

Many fans in the black community believe that Kanye may be taking things too far with his daughter, especially after accusing his ex-wife of bad parenting for allowing North to be active on TikTok.

Users expressed their concern about what the 10-year-old girl is exposed to.

“Are we not concerned about a child less than 14 appreciating a song referencing fellatio?!” someone pointed out.

Another person added, “This can’t be the same man who was complaining about the influence he thinks Kim would have on her by letting her meet ice spice.”

“Everybody saying “bUt YaLl CoMpLaINeD aBt KiM” they both the problem, tf this lil girl gone need some serious therapy,” another wrote.

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