Summer Walker Slams ‘Ghetto Baby Daddy’ London On Da Track: ‘He’s BLOCKED’

by Shine My Crown Staff

Summer Walker and London On Da Track recently welcomed a baby girl into the world together — but the couple is no longer together.

It seems London is not a fan of the singer’s new man. Summer took to Instagram Story to address the producer.

“London calling and dm’ing everyone around me cause he BLOCKED talking bout if you care about Summer get that n—ga away from her,” she writes.

She continues, “so if anything happens to me it was him. Ghetto baby daddy from hell. I be minding my own business and NEVER call him unless it’s about the well being of my child. Smh crazy mf. “that n—ga” has been raising your child since 2 months since you aint sh—t * wouldn’t help me. You need to stop threatening people and tell him thank you, f—ckin’ weirdo.”

She also tells him to come and get “this car” he gifted her. She says she like her cars “paid off.”

Summer uses Instagram often to put her baby daddy on blast, but she says she might be doing it all from her own social media platform soon.

“I’m bout to look into creating a app similar cause this IG shit going to hell,” she wrote, “idk if I even wanna drop my Galactawh—re merch on here….. lol it might go against they “‘guidelines.'”

She continued, “I’m done w this app, and really this whole plandemic agenda,” she wrote in a since-deleted post responding to Instagram taking down her content. “It goes against guidelines to say sleep, water, vegetables, exercise, meditation, fasting & yoga is extremely beneficial to your health but an experimental jab is completely fine to recommend.”

The “Girls Need Love” singer added,, “It’s bout to get real bad when it comes to us having basic rights. I be tryna warn everyone for so long, but no one cares. No ever listens to me cause I see sh—t before others can. but this isn’t good, and I’ll leave it.”

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