Syd: ‘I Know Who I Am Enough to Not Let Anyone Tell Me Who I’m Supposed to Be’

by Yah Yah
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Multi-talented artist Sydney Bennett, better known as Syd, recently released her new solo album “Broken Hearts Club.”

Syd rose to fame as the only woman in Odd Future. Since OF’s meteoric rise, she’s seamlessly transitioned into a recognized and highly respected singer-songwriter in her own right.

“I was taking advantage of a great opportunity that I knew would never come again,” she told Teen Vogue. “And I feel like I didn’t have time to deal with my mental health.”

Syd then went on to found her own band, The Internet, in 2011. In 2017, she would release her critically acclaimed debut album, “Fin.”

Despite enjoying some mainstream success, she tells the publication she has gone out of her way not to work with her idols.

“I’ve kinda gone with the whole ‘don’t meet your idols,’ ‘don’t work with your idols’ mentality,” Syd said. “But recently I realized that some of my idols might take that the wrong way.”

However, even though she produced the majority of her latest offering, she could not pass up the opportunity to work with legendary producer Rodney (Darkchild) Jerkins.

“He FaceTimed me while I was rehearsing with The Internet just to say like ‘yo, loved how the song came out,” Syd shared. “And that just meant the world to me.” She reflects on passing up offers from Pharrell and other artists to work with her, and how that could change in the future. “In one way it was probably me trying to make sure I could do it on my own. But lately I’ve been feeling like it’s time.”

In 2022, album drops are ten a penny. Streams are everything, but very few artists inspire music journalists to spend time with the project. Syd is most certainly an artist who elicits and warrants this kind of attention.

Broken Hearts Club,” signals a different approach, with the 29-year-old singer and producer shedding the hedonistic visions of her earlier work and turning her attention to a steadier romanticism,” Tirhakah Love writes for Vulture magazine.

The 13-track album promises an all-encompassing journey of love and its many peaks and valleys.

While her 20s was dedicated to experimentation, Syd told Teen Vogue that she is excited to turn 30 in a few weeks.

“I feel like ‘okay!’ now I have the foundation built, set, and in place,” Syd says. “I know who I am enough to not let anyone tell me who I’m supposed to be.”

Click here to listen to “Broken Hearts Club.”

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