Symone Sanders Townsend: Let Go of ‘Bidenomics,’ Numbers Don’t Move People, Stories Do

by Xara Aziz
YouTube via MSNBC

A former President Biden aide and popular MSNBC news host has implied that voters will not get the president’s “Bidenomics” message, adding that they should “let it go.

Symone Sanders Townsend, the assertive political pundit, who has also worked for former U.S. presidential candidate U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and Vice President Kamala Harris, said in a recent Politico interview that numbers and data don’t “move people,” instead “stories move people.”

Bidenomics is often referred to as the economic approach of the Biden administration and is marked by initiatives aimed at providing relief during the COVID-19 pandemic through vaccination efforts, investments in infrastructure, and bolstering the social safety net. The funding for these endeavors is sourced from tax increases targeting higher-income individuals and corporations.

“You haven’t seen him do what he can do [best]. He’s been on prompter, he’s been standing on stages looking very presidential with the flags behind him,” Sanders Townsend continued. “He gives his speech and he gets out. When was the last time you saw Joe Biden do a rope line? When’s the last time you saw Joe Biden in a town hall taking questions from the American people?”

She further noted that the best approach for the president moving forward is to put him in more “intimate settings” where he can speak to voters face-to-face to assuage any concerns they may have.

“They talked a lot about acronyms in the beginning and not enough about the plain things,” she said. “You ain’t even got to name the legislation. Just tell the people what has happened. And I think that there was maybe too much of a focus on trying to message it tightly up in a nice bow and not enough focus on just, well, how can we make it plain for the people that we want to understand it?”


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