After Making History With Her Smart Phone Brand And Wireless Network This Black Founder Is Still Flourishing

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Image Credit: Black News

In a dynamic shift for people of color in the consumer electronics and telecom sector, Chaymeriyia Moncrief, a Black woman from Alabama, made waves a few years ago with the launch of Tesix Wireless Network, a prepaid wireless carrier.

Following the groundbreaking announcement, Tesix quickly gained widespread attention, becoming a focal point for various news outlets and sparking viral discussions.

The initial success was further underscored by a surprising valuation of $5.9 million, as reported by Black Enterprise.

Notably, Moncrief turned down a substantial $4.4 million buyout offer, choosing to pursue her vision and receiving $1.5 million in investments.

In a recent update, Moncrief shared insights into the challenges and triumphs since Tesix’s launch in late 2018.

Undeterred by the complexities of the telecom industry, she emphasized the significance of being fully committed to the risk, time, and energy required, acknowledging the financial stakes involved.

Beyond the wireless carrier venture, Moncrief made headlines in 2020 during the pandemic’s peak by venturing into smartphone manufacturing with her second project, NSPRE® (Inspire).

With a heartfelt letter to her supporters, she unveiled a 19-year dream realized, tracing back to her fascination with technology at the age of seven.

Over the past three years, Chaymeriyia Moncrief has diligently built both Tesix Wireless Network and NSPRE®, with a commitment to making them household names.

A testament to her dedication, she recently inaugurated the headquarters in Alabama, marking a strategic move for future growth.

At 26 years old, Moncrief defies industry norms, showcasing the possibilities for African American women in the tech space.

Now, Chaymeriyia Moncrief is the only Black woman to own her very own brand of smart glasses, smart phones, and her very own wireless carrier network, and her revenue has been put at $6 million by some insiders.

“This isn’t just an industry; you just wake up one day and say: ‘I’m about to start a phone carrier.’ This is a space that you have to ask yourself, ‘am I prepared for this? Will I be fully committed to the risk, time, and amount of energy this will take?’ Not to mention the financial risk that comes with it all. It’s been a lot, but I haven’t wanted this for so long to get here and fold under the slightest pressure. I love it, I love my brand, and the love for it makes it all worth it,” she once captured what keeps her going.

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