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Talk show host Tamron Hall has spoken out about the reports from former staffers that she fired as many as 20 employees ahead of her show’s second season.

Posting a video to her Instagram account, Hall stated that she wanted to set the record straight following criticism of the rumored culling.

“That story that I did not pay 20 people and fired them and left them hanging is a lie,” she said in the video. “We didn’t fire 20 people. In fact, our season was supposed to wrap June 5th, I fought to have the extension of the season to June 25th. My creative team was paid through the pandemic and through the extension because I wanted to keep pushing and keep putting out stories that matter to you.”

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While she says she did not fire scores of staffers, The Tamron Hall Show host says she is well within her rights to make any changes she sees fit.

“Like any other show, like any other product, people make changes and we did — after the season had wrapped. Not during, not while,” she explained. “So this notion that I ran off securing bags, it’s not true. It is absolutely not and the notion that I’ve abandoned people, it’s not.”

Hall added, “But I have a right, and every person who runs a company, owns a company, has anything that is yours, you have a right to make it better.”

She’s right. Is is her show.

Check her rebuttal in the video above.