Issa Rae: White Guilt May Lead to Long-Term Action

by Shine My Crown Staff
Issa Rae

Insecure creator Issa Raw sat down for an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, where she spoke out about the Black Lives Matter Movement, white guilt and defunding the police.

Rae recently used her social media account to encourage her fans to support several organizations — including BLM, Regional Bail Funds, Defund the LAPD, BLD PWR, National Police Accountability Project, ACLU and Black Table Arts.

“My staff and I discussed extensively and did the research. Some organizations we were already supporting and knew they did the work, like the ACLU, BLD PWR and Black Lives Matter,” Rae told the publication.

“Within those, we wanted to support the initiatives to hold the police accountable, to ultimately Defund the Police via the People’s Budget, and to aid protestors in the immediate time by providing bail money. We’re also a creative company and all hailed from art programs of sorts, and recognized the importance of supporting those organizations in our communities, so that’s where supporting Black Table Arts in Minneapolis came into play.”

Rae says she’s in favor of calls to defund the police.

“I’m encouraged because, for the first time, it feels like white people are listening and white guilt may lead to long-term action. These thoughts are already mainstream, but we have to maintain the momentum and continue to make this a priority,” she explained.

She continued, “I definitely fully support allocating the police budget to more social services, and I absolutely support abolishing the police in the long run, and especially in communities that don’t benefit from police services. But we need a comprehensive plan, because too many people can’t see it, and too many people don’t care enough to educate themselves because they operate in a safe bubble. And I don’t think you can talk about abolishing the police in its entirety in this country without addressing gun control and reform. Those things go hand in hand, and I think as long as we have a gun problem, we’re going to have a police problem.”

You can read the full interview here.

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