Thanks to #BlackWomen, Doug Jones is Now The New Senator of Alabama! #BlackGirlMagic

by Yah Yah

Tuesday night (Dec. 12th) a super intense senate race in Alabama came to an end with Democratic candidate Doug Jones beating out Republican candidate Roy Moore. As Democrats support Jones’ victory, they have to give thanks to those that came out and vote. The majority of Jones votes were by Black women. Yes, Black women showed up to the polls in Alabama and they showed out!

According to the CNN exit polls, 97 percent of black women supported the democratic nominee which spawned the hashtag #blackwomen on Twitter early Wednesday morning. Many people used the hashtag #BlackWomen to support Jones and to let Democrats know that they need to step up their support for minorities.

Jones is the first Democratic Senator elected by the state of Alabama in 25 years. His win has made a national impact and Democrats now have 49 seats in the Senate. This makes it more difficult for Republicans to go through with their agenda and it’s all thanks to those Black women who came out and voted in Alabama.

Thank you to all those who voted and a special thank you to the Black voters, our ancestors who fought and died for us to have voting rights are extremely proud today!


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