The Coach Cass Show: The Intangibles of a Healthy Relationship

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Neuroscience Performance Coach, Jamal Vallair, is this week’s guest on “The Coach Cass Show.”

The 3-strike rule, self-image, love language, the subconscious mind and healing from trauma are all discussion topics in episode 50.

‘Our words define who we want to be. But our actions reveal who we are in the present,” says Vallair in the below clip of the show.

Vallair also breaks down the science of happiness.

“I think there is a constant challenge because you have who you are, identity of who you want to become. And then you have who the world –society, who your friends and your coworkers… all the people who place these expectations on you — of who you need to be, to be worthy of their time, their energy, their love, their validation and their appreciation,” he explains.

“And so there’s a constant challenge, not only just with yourself, but also with everybody who comes around you, who interacts with you. And so the brain is designed to do two things. The brain is not designed to make you happy. It’s designed to make you safe,” he asserts. “It’s not designed to make you happy. If you’re hoping that your brain is going to be able to find a way. Where’s my fulfillment? Where’s my happiness? Where’s my purpose? — The brain’s not looking for that. And his brain is broken into two different, which is your conscious mind, as well as your subconscious.”

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