Chrisean Rock Says Her Son Is Not Blind!

by Grace Somes
Chrisean Rock and Chrisean Jr || Image credit: @chrisean

Chrisean Jr.’s appearance in the few videos and pictures his mother, Chrisean Rock, has shared of him has raised some eyebrows. 

 As the mother of one focuses on her new football endeavor, fans and critics alike have expressed concern for her son, Chrisean Jr., after she shared a clip of the infant looking dazed at a restaurant.

 Throughout the video above, Chrisean Jr. can be seen staring into space and having a puzzled look. 

The video started a very disturbing rumor after internet users started diagnosing the infant over social media.

For instance, many out there believe Chrisean Jr. might have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Others claimed that the child might actually be blind

 She took to her Instagram Story yesterday to address the rampant rumors, calling Jr. nothing short of “blessed.” The rapper reminded people that he is still a child and, in fact, he can see.

“Something to say about a kid. My son. Chrisean Jesus Malone Junior. He’s straight. He’s a f**king billion-dollar baby. So stay tuned. Like, no, he’s not blind. No, he’s not f**king retarded. He’s a f**king child. Y’all want to sit up and talk about him.

“My baby is blessed from his head to his toes. Like what?” Chrisean Rock continued. “You forgot when he was dedicated on the seventh day. Like what? All I have to say is God’s glory. God’s glory. All you’re going to see is him proving you wrong, and that’s all that matters.”

The Baddies star further pointed out that people are interested in her life because she’s a star. 


Aye slim I’m starting to believe that junior is blind man 🤦🏽‍♂️He never make eye contact with people, his surround and toys‼️I don’t want to hear but he smiled. He smiled because of sound not because he was looking at something. Chrisean son might be blind, then his eyes always rotate upward in other videos. And what 8 month old baby that see food and don’t grab at it⁉️ there’s no interaction with nothing in front of him‼️ Chrisean is w!cked that baby needs help & assistance. At this point give junior to Stevie Wonder‼️🤦🏽‍♂️😩 #chrisean #chriseanjr #savechriseanjr #chriseanrock #blind #blueface #karlissa #wack100 #fyp #allegedly

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“So I don’t give a… you know what I’m saying. I don’t give a two f**ks for real. I’m not even addressing nothing cos I don’t give a sh*t. We ain’t talking about your baby because it doesn’t give you views. It won’t get people watching, so talk about what’s most wanted. Who’s most talked about me. The name Chrisean!” 

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