ShineMyCrown’s ‘Sunday Sounds’ Playlist: ‘We Don’t Have to Talk About It’

by Shine My Crown Staff

It’s the weekend and time for another ShineMyCrown, “Sunday Sounds” playlist.

The theme this week is “We Don’t Have to Talk About It.”

Relationships can be complicated. Everybody has their own ideas of what the perfect relationship is for them. For some, the ideal isn’t even a relationship. But one thing’s for sure… if the communication is not good (or non-existent even), things will likely not end up well.

Relationships take compromise.

And it’s not about compromising who you are. Or your goals. Or your dreams. But the commitment to talking things through when things go south—showing up and being supportive. Making time for a person you say is special to you. Doing things, you’ll know they love just because you want to make them smile.

But all that’s easier said than done.

“I’m not afraid of love. I am optimistic. I’m just sick of being disappointed. This time around, I’m more careful with my feelings, but I still get excited about love. So not afraid, just more cautious,” Snoh Alegra told Elle in an interview.

“Life is so short and, when I think about it, I don’t really regret [past relationships]. I feel blessed that I’ve been able to feel love on a high level and that I keep having faith in love because you know what? If you don’t, what’s the point? You’re going to walk around being bitter and life’s just too short for that. It’s the mystery of life. Love is so beautiful and sad at the same time.”

You can stream our “Feeling Good” playlist below

“t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l” – WILLOW, Travis Barker

“Rider” – Mereba

“Change (from the Netflix Series “We The People”)” – H.E.R.

“Phone Dies” (feat. Refi Sings) – Andra Day, Refi Sings

“Mornin | Streetlights” – Dawn Richard

“Must Be Nice” (feat. Masego) – Joyce Wrice, Masego


“All For Me” – Mariah the Scientist

“Bouncin” – Tinashe

“MIA” – Ray Blk, Kaash Paige

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