Dreams Come True! Woman Manifests Childhood Passion To Become A Neuroscience Doctor

by Gee NY
Taylor Denise

In a heartwarming tale of perseverance and determination, Taylor Denise Andrews, a Texas native, manifested a childhood dream by securing acceptance into their dream neuroscience Ph.D. program.

From a young age, Andrews harbored aspirations of becoming a doctor, inspired by their father, who holds a Ph.D., and his circle of friends.

At just 12 years old, Andrews boldly declared their intention to become Dr. Taylor Denise Andrews, a vision that has now become a reality.

Taking to Twitter to share the momentous news, Andrews expressed gratitude for the unwavering support received from friends, family, and mentors throughout the application process.

Reflecting on their journey, Andrews emphasized the invaluable assistance provided by mentors from Oberlin College, where they completed their undergraduate studies.

Amidst the excitement of acceptance into six different programs in 2021, Andrews ultimately chose to pursue a Ph.D. in Neuroscience at the prestigious Mayo Clinic’s Graduate School for Biomedical Sciences.

With a passion for studying diseases impacting the central nervous system, Andrews is driven by a desire to contribute to advancements in medical research and improve outcomes for individuals affected by these conditions.

Acknowledging the challenges faced along the way, Andrews credits organizations like Cientifico Latino for providing invaluable support in refining their application materials.

Grateful for the guidance of mentors such as Dr. Travis Wilson, Dr. Gunnar Kwaakye, and Dr. Eric Floyd, Andrews is determined to pay it forward by making a meaningful impact in the field of neuroscience.

With a bright future ahead, Andrews is poised to realize their lifelong dream and make a lasting difference in the world of neuroscience.

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