Watch the Latest Episode of @TheGrapevineTV

by Yah Yah

The Grapevine is a video platform designed for millennials to discuss the most pressing issues of the day. The founder of the YouTube show, Ashley Akunna, conceived of the idea when she noticed the absence of Black millennials in the media. The show boasts a predominantly black panel who discuss a wide range of topics pertaining to the Black identity in America.

Akunna is proud of her Nigerian heritage and often features African panelists to broaden the scope of knowledge on any given topic. The show’s most viewed video, a 20-minute long discussion about the differences between Africans and African Americans has amassed an impressive viewership of 108 thousand on YouTube alone.

Akunna’s vision for a wider media presence for black millennials has been well received; the show’s YouTube channel has a following of 30 thousand subscribers. Their latest discussion, a response to Charlottesville, sheds light on how the recent events in the Virginia city are affecting the volatile social climate of the country.

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