These 7 Natural Hair Influencers Are Giving *Major* Inspo

by Danielle Bennett
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When it comes to our hair, we’re often on the hunt for ways to take it to the next level.

Whether it’s a genius hair hack or a new spin on a familiar hairstyle, social platforms like Instagram are brimming with incredible talent and inspiration is only a few swipes away.

This elite league of highly skilled creators, hair pros and enthusiasts are itching to re-energize us with fun, fresh ideas and have granted us all-access insight into well-tailored tips, tricks and tutorials. 

They offer continuous on-demand advice and endless reasons to try something new. Not only is it encouraging, it’s exciting!

We’ve lined up seven of our favorite accounts…and reckon you’ll want to start following them, too.

1. Fresh Lengths

Lesley is a master of seamless and safe transitions between natural styles.

2. Ursula Sephen

Ursie is the brains behind some of the most iconic red carpet hair moments of the past decade.

3. Gina Atinuke Knight

After developing alopecia, Gina uses her platform to empower the hair loss community with valuable information and support.

4. Harris Janae

Harris’ creative yet gentle wash-and-go methods are unmatched.

5. Naturally Chantal 

Chantal is a huge advocate of protective styling that actually protects. Minimal tension, loads of moisture and allowing strands to just be are a big part of her hair care acumen.

6. Goldynaps

Yana’s ever-changing hairstyles are never short on creativity and fun!

7. Creolenaturelle

Daphnie is the queen of versatile protective styling for tightly coiled hair. As a Creme of Nature model, she does it all, but never compromises hair health or its integrity.

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