Tiffany Haddish Says Her Mental Health is Fine Following Her Big Chop

by Shine My Crown Staff

Comedian Tiffany Haddish raised more than a few eyebrows after she went live on Instagram and carried out her big chop in front of thousands of her fans.

The display had social media in a flurry, but Haddish returned to Instagram to let her supporters know that she has not gone crazy — she just needed a break.

“I’m going to cut all of it off. Why when a woman decides, hey I’m going to cut this hair off, because I want to see my scalp, she got to have a mental problem?”,” she said directly to the cameras with her goddess locs in hand. “Nothing is wrong with my brain you guys. I’ve literally been talking about this for years. I want to see my scalp.”

Haddish described the laborious daily task of grooming her hair and says that she can make better use of the time.

“It’s the first time I jumped in the shower and was not concerned about not getting my hair wet. And it felt so good. You could see my face even better. My neck don’t hurt,” she said, assuring her followers that her mental health is fine.

“You know how heavy them locs were?! That’s a lot of neck work. Now we’re just, boom, shoulders [are] relaxed. My gait is better. And now I can go running every day. I can train my ass off every single day and not have to worry about ‘oh my hair,”

During the chop, she also let viewers know that she would still be “fine as f*ck.”

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