Tink Admits She Assaulted Hitmaka During Cancun Trip, Shocking Fans Who Had No Idea They Were an Item

by Xara Aziz
Instagram @official__tink

Reports have confirmed that rapper Tink and her ex-boyfriend, Hitmaka (formerly Yung Berg), were involved in a physical altercation, leaving both to take to social media to air their grievances.

On Saturday, Tink made the revelation to her social media followers, which was a surprise to many who were unaware that they were dating.

Born Trinity Home, Tink uploaded a video explaining her side of the story, explaining that Hitmaka, born Christian Ward, disrespected her while they were in Cancun.

During her explanation, the H2O star said that it was she who hit Hitmaka, adding that he did not retaliate.

“Hitmaka you foul,” she began in the clip. “If you think to put the video out of me in the car, just understand I’ma have to let the clip go and everybody’s gonna get exposed.” 

She then shared details about what happened, stating that the Thot Box producer was “playing in her face” at the club. She further added that she had to “defend” herself and he was “acting different” than how he used to be when they first met.

“You tweaking with a real bit*h, like, a real one that goes through the trenches with you,” she continued. “Everybody told me to let that sh*t go and everybody told me to be careful working with him, and I never seen it until now. Honestly, this has been going on since May. So yeah, this ain’t nothing new, I just have to express it because it may drop, it may leak. And that’s it. New music is on the way.”

That same day, Hitmaka took to social media to explain his side of the story, stating that he loves Tink and that they are currently going through a breakup.

He argues that they were both at a restaurant but he decided to leave with a bunch of girls “out of respect.” He then claims she followed him to his car and put her hands on him. Nonetheless, he says they’re “still cool.”

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