Tiny Harris, T.I. Ask Sexual Abuse Accusers to Reveal Their Identities

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Tiny Harris and her rapper husband, T.I., have released a statement demanding the three additional accusers who stepped forward last week reveal their identities.

The statement was released via their attorney Steve Sadow.

“The Harrises are still waiting for the accusers to reveal themselves publicly. By continuing to hide behind anonymous allegations, the unnamed accusers effectively render themselves not credible and unworthy of belief. We say: Let the light shine on their identities so we can go about disproving these scurrilous accusations,” Sadow told Billboard.

The Crime Victims’ Rights Act of 2004 aims to protect victims of crime, including the right to protection, within reason, from the accused, and the right to be treated with fairness and to have their privacy respected.

Last month, attorney Tyrone A. Blackburn said he was representing 11 people who allege “forced drugging, kidnapping, rape, and intimidation in at least two states, including California and Georgia,” against the Harrises, as well as members of their entourage. Blackburn said he has also been in contact with witnesses of the alleged abuse.

“These criminal allegations span over 15 years of methodical, sadistic abuse against women in various venues throughout the country,” a statement from Blackburn said at the time. “These individual claims paint eerily consistent allegations of women prior to or upon immediately entering (the Harrises’) home, hotel, or tour bus (who) were coerced by Tiny to ingest drugs or unknowingly administered drugs to impair the victims’ ability to consent to subsequent vile sexual acts.”

Blackburn also stated that he sent criminal referrals to U.S. and state attorneys in Georgia and California and the Los Angeles District Attorney Office, asking for criminal probes to be launched.

The Harrises deny all allegations against them.

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