Woman Who Worked At A Nursing Home Arrested For Pushing Elderly To Her Death

by Gee NY

In a tragic incident, a former nursing home worker has been arrested after an alleged altercation with an elderly resident resulted in her death.

The incident occurred at the Windsor Point Retirement Community in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, on September 24.

According to RadarOnline, The tragedy unfolded as Cynthia Williams Sellars, a 54-year-old employee at the facility, was involved in a verbal dispute with 88-year-old Lillie Johnson Cooper.

The altercation took a grave turn when Sellars allegedly pushed Cooper, causing her to fall and suffer a broken hip.

Local authorities responded to the incident after receiving a distress call regarding a confrontation between a staff member and a resident. Cooper was subsequently rushed to a nearby hospital for medical attention.

Tragically, Cooper’s injuries proved fatal, and she passed away as a result of the fall. The medical examiner’s assessment concluded that the manner of her death was a homicide, with the assault being the primary cause of her demise.

Following a thorough investigation and consultation with the District Attorney’s office, the initial charge of assault on individuals with a disability was upgraded to a far graver charge: one count of murder.

As a result, on October 24, Sellars was taken into custody, and she is now held at the Johnston County Detention Center.

This devastating incident serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerability of elderly residents in care facilities and the importance of maintaining their safety and well-being.

Meanwhile, in a separate story about a nursing home, ShineMyCrown reported back in July this year that in a shocking case of racial discrimination, nine Black women employed at an assisted living facility in Alabama courageously stepped forward to file a federal lawsuit against their employer.

The lawsuit alleged that these women endured racial slurs, threats, and retaliation after reporting the discrimination they faced while working at the facility.

The facility in question, Florala Rehabilitation, located in Covington County, is owned by NHS Management, LLC, which operates multiple assisted care locations across four states.

The lawsuit highlights the disturbing and hostile work environment at Florala Rehabilitation, where the Black employees were subjected to unequal treatment based on their race.

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