VP Harris Calls Out ‘Appalling, Unhinged’ Comments Made By Trump in Yet Another Sign of Allegiance to Russia’s Putin

by Xara Aziz
Left: Big Stock Photo/Right: CNN via YouTube

Vice President Kamala Harris hit back at former President Donald Trump after he attempted to coax Russia to strike NATO allies of the United States who failed to pay their dues.

In her criticism of Trump, Harris said that American voters would never want to hire a president who bowed down to a dictator.

Her comments garnered widespread coverage and are now being called one of her strongest vindications against Trump, who she believes has an allegiance to Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president.

Prior to Harris’ remarks, the Administration went on record to say that Trump’s comments were “appalling and unhinged.” The frontrunner for the Republican party in the 2024 presidential elections made the comments at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania.

“The idea that the former president of the US would say that he – quote – encourages a brutal dictator to invade our allies, and that the United States of America would simply stand by and watch,” Harris said. “No previous US president, regardless of their party, has bowed down to a Russian dictator before.

She continued: “We are seeing an example of something I just believe that the American people would never support, which is a US president, current or former, bowing down with those kinds of words, and apparently an intention of conduct, to a Russian dictator.”

Harris made the remarks in Germany while attending the Munich Security Conference. During her trip, she further criticized House Republicans who she says are stalling a $95 billion military aid package, which would include funding to go towards Ukraine in an effort to ward off Russian invasion.

“We need to do our part [to support Ukraine], and we have been very clear that Congress must act,” she said. “I think all members of Congress, and all elected leaders, would understand this is a moment where America has the ability to demonstrate through action where we stand on issues like this, which is, do we stand with our friends in the face of extreme brutality or not?”

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