Keke Palmer: Hollywood Sensation Breaks Down Why Everyone Needs A Side Hustle In A Candid Social Media Post

by Gee NY

In a recent social media post, Keke Palmer shared her belief in the importance of side hustles and multiple streams of revenue for personal empowerment in the workplace.

She emphasized the need for autonomy and challenged the notion of depending on a single source of income.

While some critics questioned this philosophy, Palmer’s own journey reflects the joy and fulfillment she finds in her diverse endeavors.

Beyond her successful acting career, Palmer made history in 2014 as the youngest talk show host in American television with “Just Keke” on BET.

This milestone paved the way for her role as a host on the third hour of “Good Morning America” in the “Strahan, Sara, and Keke” segment, providing a stable income compared to the project-based nature of acting.

Endorsement deals have also become a significant part of Palmer’s entrepreneurial journey. With major brands like Google, HelloFresh, and Zenni, she has not only secured lucrative partnerships but has used her influence to support campaigns promoting Black businesses.

Palmer’s collaboration with Google for a Black-Owned Friday campaign showcased her in a music-video-inspired film, paying homage to house music legend Crystal Waters.

HelloFresh, the world’s leading meal kit company, recently announced a partnership with Palmer. This collaboration, set to feature her in commercials, aligns seamlessly with her lifestyle as a busy new mom.

Outside of her entertainment career, Palmer co-owns a production company called Big Boss Entertainment with her mother, Sharon Palmer. Their first major project, “The Backup,” in collaboration with Kevin Hart through Universal Studios, demonstrates Palmer’s foray into the production side of the industry.

Adding to her list of accomplishments is Key-TV, a digital platform that aims to provide opportunities for creatives. Palmer expressed her pride in this venture on Instagram, highlighting her commitment to opening doors for others in the industry.

In her own words, Palmer stated:

“Y’all always say I keep a job, now I’m making sure we ALL got one.”

Her dedication to sharing the keys to the culture and uplifting others reflects her passion for creating opportunities in the entertainment world.

Keke Palmer’s ability to navigate various roles in Hollywood and entrepreneurship showcases her mastery of the hustle, proving that success is not confined to a singular path.

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